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    "I've been pulling my hair out trying to find a good system for scheduling and organizing paperwork. After some research I signed up for the free trial of Barkley HQ. I am absolutely loving it. And David Sorbara has been so helpful with any questions I have. Highly recommend. "

    Krysta Marie

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    "I use it! Hands down the best software."

    Marina Stellato

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    "I have been using Barkley HQ for my business for quite a while. I love it. The support is great and it is really easy to use. I recommend doing the demo and watching the YouTube videos. The best thing that I love is not having to do reminder calls anymore. The system does it for me via text. 100% worth the price."

    Rayna White

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    "I really like the system. All scheduling and client information is added to the system. We could manage everything in all of our devices. Something you won't regret. The support is amazing!"

    Wynne Wong

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    "I use Barkley HQ. The support is top notch. The program is easy to learn and customers find it simple to book. I am so happy I found them. Best ever!"

    Carolyn Organ

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