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How to add Cleanup Times to services
How To change Opening Hours on a Specific Day
How To change the start day of the week
How to create a new user
How to customise Online Booking Page
Dashboard Widgets
Email Rosters to Employees
How to add a shortcut on your desktop for quick access
How to change account username
How to change your account login password
How to change your business name
How to change your credit card information
How to Clock In and Clock Out
How to Create / Edit Rosters
How to create a new employee
How to integrate online booking on Facebook
How to Manage your Waiting Lists
How to setup a receipt/docket printer
How to setup auto email/printing
How to setup your Tax System
How to View or Add Tasks
How to View Rosters
Modify client required details for bookings
Turn On Logo For Your Online Bookings Website
Viewing timesheets

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