Sell Gift Cards

Start selling gift cards and watch your revenue grow. Whether you groom from home, have a small shop or a multi-location chain - a Barkley HQ gift card program will boost your sales and foot traffic!

Gift Card Management

Barkley HQ allows you to sell and track gift cards easily! This is a great marketing tool and an easy way to get new customers and support from your community. Our software will allow you to load the gift cards, track the balance and see which customers have a gift card. You will be able to redeem the gift card for purchases made in your salon

You can also use gift cards for a promotion. You can pre-load the gift cards with a dollar value and hand them out at a community event!

Design & Print

Let  us design & print your custom gift cards today and start creating revenue! 
  • Custom design 
  • Your logo + your colors 
  • Unique barcode and card numbers 
  • Legal verbiage on the back 
  • Printed on plastic cards

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